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Ponto Go!
  • Ponto Go!

    Why you'll love it

    • Maximum throttle-assisted speed up to 20mph and pedal-assisted speed of 26mph.
    • Up to a 60-mile range on a single charge.
    • A bench-style saddle, passenger handle and foot pegs make this a ride for two (ages 16+).
    • Maximum carrying capacity up to 360lbs.
    • See and be seen with front and rear brake lights and turn signals.
    • Stop confidently with hydraulic disc brakes.



    • Battery: 625Wh removable, lockable battery
    • Motor: BEP hub drive motor
    • Computer: HMI display with thumb throttle
    • 2-4.5hr Charge Time
    • Integrated Lights & Fenders


    To find out more about this bike, visit the Trek website

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